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PC – Computers need maintenance to keep running at the peak of performance.
To keep this maintenance software update / service packs need to installed regularly or new hardware.

As we know computer technology moves very fast these days, a computer purchased 6 months – 1 year ago can be seen as “out of date”.
An old PC computer doesn’t always mean certain “Death” to the recycle bins.
Lots of PC’s can have the internal parts upgraded :

We offer the following parts / upgrades:

CPU Chip

Main computer processor up to 4.5Ghz


On board memory this is best upgraded in pairs

Hard disks

Operating systems sit here along with various other programs, pictures , music

Solid state disks

Used in laptops and small projects – Technology has meant these are now larger in size (GB)

Graphics cards

Some PC’s rely on on-board graphics others need to much more powerful.


Internal fans and CPU fans need to checked regulary, if the these fans clog up with dust or stop working your PC will overheat and possibly burn out completly.


Power supply units another heart of the PC with out this part the PC will not power on.
Connections should be checked, cables tied back, the internal fan keeped clean and dust free.

Hard disk corruption

Depending on the damage some drives data can be salvaged and backed up.

Cloud Based Solutions

These are certainly an option as they are all very reasonably priced easy to set up.

All these parts can be upgradable along with updated software your old PC could be running as new.

Some PC’s can’t be upgraded due to technology moving on.
These PC’s can have a “second life” in local clubs – pubs – shops – C.C.T.V

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